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What’s the point in giving flowers? They’ve been cut from a live plant and will be dead in a week!

If you’d asked me 3 years ago why I didn’t buy flowers, I would have described them as ‘The Gift of Imminent Doom’. I liked wild flowers, but I wasn’t motivated to plant blooms in my garden. “Why would you have flowers when you could grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, all of which you can eat?” thought my disgruntled brain/stomach.

Then I set foot for the first time in a florist; a local florist advertising part-time work. I had spent over 10 years in a cycle of introduction and resignation from an array of sectors including retail, healthcare and education (plus an extremely brief and ill-judged encounter with recruitment). I would dive into something with complete passion and then be extremely disappointed when I felt my enthusiasm waning, and was in utter misery with my heart out of ideas on how to remain inspired in a job that my head and gut told me I was ‘good’ at or was ‘useful’.  Since I scratched the surface of the ever-evolving world of flowers in 2018, I’ve started listening to my heart properly for the first time since I was a child scribbling late night poems and I’ve found in floristry the peaceful creativity I had been inadvertently neglecting in an attempt to ‘be good’.

Green Feather Flowers isn’t about conforming to other people’s idea of goodness. (Though I am nice, I promise.) It’s about being honest and working with what I've got. Consistency is not my strongpoint, so every flowery creation I make is unique. As the customer, you don’t have to be a florist to help design beautiful pieces. You just have to have an opinion. Maybe you’re drawn to a particular colour, texture, shape or scent? Perhaps a life-changing funeral or wedding has introduced you to flowers. Give me a little bit of conversation and I’ll reply in the colourful, beautiful unique language of British-grown flowers.

IMG_5691 copy.png
IMG_5805 copy.png
IMG_5781 copy.png

Curiosity blooms.

Curiosity Blooms Green Feather.png
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