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Collaborating with Nature

1. "I fancy some flowers."

2. Choose your presentation format & budget.

3. Receive a surprise selection of seasonal British flowers by delivery or collection.

4. Exchange used packaging & wilting blooms for fresh flowers.

"My floral creations are a collaboration between people and nature. I do not order specific types of flowers, but instead use the best of the British seasons to provide a joyous flowery surprise for my customers. If you have a particular aversion or allergy to a type of flora or fauna, let me know and I will try my best to accommodate this."

Kathryn Dacre, Creative Director

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Flowers Unwrapped
All arrangements are comprised of exclusively British-grown flowers & foliage and eco-conscious packaging. All elements of my floral creations can be returned to me for repurposing, reuse or environmentally responsible disposal

If you wish to return any components of a floral design, please contact for full address and consider the environmental impact of your journey to and from Tilehurst.

Not Your Plan B
We do not offer flowers on same day/next day basis. Receiving customer orders in advance allows us to provide carefully nurtured blooms and reduce waste. Please order 1 week in advance of your desired delivery/collection date.

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Collection & Delivery Times


Collection & delivery slots available Monday - Saturday.

Please place your order 1 week in advance.