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Foraged Workshops

Curiosity blooms.

Have you noticed the beauty of the flowers and trees in your local area or garden? Have you ever wondered how joyous it might be to bring a slice of that natural decoration into your home? “But having vases of seasonal flowers all year round will cost the earth!” I hear you cry. If you order big bouquets from florists who import their ingredients, then yes, both our environment and your bank balance will pay the price. However, beautifully curated floristry designs don’t need to be an expensive, unsustainable luxury. Throughout the year there are abundant natural materials on our doorsteps to be celebrated and enjoyed while respecting and nurturing our surroundings. All you need is a bit of knowledge on what to look for and how to treat it. Come along to our hands-on foraged floristry sessions and learn all you need to know to create gorgeous, high-quality seasonal designs to decorate your home or treat your friends and family.


Please note: These workshops require you to bring your own foraged materials. Ideas of what to cut and gather will be sent out 1 week before each session to keep our designs fresh and seasonal. All other equipment is provided. Children are welcome with a paying adult and the taproom is dog friendly! The bar will be open for delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments.


2024 Workshops

Saturday 9th March: Mother's Day Hand-Tied Bouquet

Pick some flowers this Mother’s Day and treat your mum to a unique sustainable gift bouquet by creating one at the first Green Feather Flowers Foraged Floristry workshop of 2024. Join us at the relaxed and friendly Double-Barrelled brewery taproom on Saturday 9th March and receive expert tuition to make an extra-special hand-tied bouquet to give to your mum on Sunday 10th. Or why not bring your mama down and treat her to flowers AND a pint? (Only 17 years until my little one can do this for me..!).

Sunday 23rd June: Midsummer Vase

Do you appreciate a beautiful vase of flowers but find that whenever you put stems in they look floppy, tangled or messy? Take your favourite vase on a trip to the tap-room and learn how to fill it perfectly with foraged flowers and foliage. This session will give you hands-on experience of using seasonal ingredients to create a gorgeous display so you can make the most out of your vases and your environment. And the bar's open!

Sunday 8th & 15th December:  Wreath-Making

The warm, fuzzy environment of Double-Barrelled taproom at Christmas is the ideal place to lay out your foraged ingredients and learn everything you need to know to leave with a beautiful seasonal wreath hand-made from scratch by none other than your own hands. Bring your friends, bring your family and enjoy the satisfaction of decorating your door with a wreath that conjures happy memories, is gentle on our planet and doesn't break your bank.

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