Floriography: Experiences of Motherhood

Learn how to use the language of flowers to create a beautiful, sustainable table arrangement overflowing with meaning that reflects your personal connections to a motherly role.

Open to anyone who has feelings about what it means to be a mum. 

Interpretations and experiences of maternal parenthood are rich, varied and full of inspiration. For me, that makes them a brilliant starting point for creating meaningful floral designs. Some of my own connections to motherhood are:

  • I'm a daughter

  • I'm a witness of the fluidity of the mother/daughter relationship when impacted by dementia

  • I have experienced the loss of miscarriage

  • I am now an expectant mother, 7 months pregnant


What does motherhood mean to you?

What's Included?

Sustainability lies at the heart of every Green Feather design. In this workshop we will use repurposed and reusable household items, British flowers and foliage, and as ever NO synthetic floral foam. There are 8 spaces available on this workshop.

 Provided for you:​

  • Selection of seasonal British flowers and foliage

  • Planning sheet, including floral dictionary

  • Repurposed take-away tub to hold your design

  • Scissors

  • Chicken wire

  • Sustainably sourced moss

  • Clear and friendly tuition on relevant sustainable floristry techniques

  • Individually tailored guidance on creating a bespoke arrangement to suit your personal taste and style

  • A pint of either of Double-Barrelled Brewery's house beers


Note: Please bring your own protective gloves for use when handling chicken wire. It has very sharp ends! A pair of basic gardening gloves will keep your hands intact. 

Seasonal Container Arrangement

Learn how to create a beautiful container arrangement using the best of the British season's natural beauties. Workshops range from 90 minutes for 1 person to 3 hours for 10 people. They take place in your home with all flowers, foliage, materials and equipment provided by Green Feather Flowers. 



Workshop pictured took place October 2021


What's Included?

  • Selection of seasonal British flowers and foliage

  • Selection of vases/containers to choose from for your preferred design

  • Scissors

  • Gloves

  • Chicken wire

  • Clear and friendly tuition on relevant sustainable floristry techniques

  • Individually tailored guidance on creating a bespoke arrangement to suit your personal taste and style


Participants     Duration*        Total price    Price per person

1                       90 minutes     £65               £65

2                       2 hours           £120             £60

3                       2 hours           £180             £60

4                       2 hours           £220             £55

5                       2 hours           £275             £55

6                       2 hours           £300             £50

10                     3 hours           £450             £45

Workshops available as a gift voucher/e-voucher:

* Please allow an extra 30-45 minutes for set-up and tidy up.



Garden waste or floral treasure? 

If you would like to learn how to create designs from flowers and/or foliage from your own garden, please contact me for your quote. Workshops are priced on an individual basis, depending on the equipment, flowers/foliage that Green Feather Flowers need to provide, and the preferred duration.

Bespoke workshops: If you would like to learn a sustainable floristry technique not shown here, please get in touch as I love putting together unique workshops to suit individuals and groups.


Conjure your own sustainable floral magic with Green Feather workshops. No floristry experience necessary. Returning Winter 2022.

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