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Beauty in Balance

  • Use only British grown flowers & foliage.

  • All work led by seasonal flowers - no specific blooms guaranteed. Every design is a unique, tailored collaboration between people’s preferences and what nature is offering at that time.

  • Appreciate flowers as a sensory language. Celebrate flowers at their best and appreciate the beauty at every stage of their life cycle.

  • Reduce/reuse/recycle throughout floral mechanics, packaging and chosen suppliers. No synthetic floral foam welcome.

  • Seek opportunities to share knowledge with like-minded people & learn from each other to continue to reduce waste materials.

  • Conduct environmentally considered deliveries. 

  • Promote education in sustainability via talking about how to responsibly dispose of fading blooms and packaging, offering the option of returning all components of a floral design for reuse, networking with local gardeners, growers and horticultural societies. 

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