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Garden Waste to Floral Treasure


Do you have offcuts from shrubs, vines, trees, hedges or plants that are destined for the green

bin, compost heap or landfill?

There could be life in them yet, as part of Green Feather Flowers.

Lots of the greens in our gardens benefit from a trim now and again to promote healthy growth.

Disposing of this waste responsibly can be a challenge due to charges for green waste, limits on

green bin collections, transport to the recycling centre and overflowing compost heaps. The

majority of greenery used in Green Feather bouquets is cut from gardens in Tilehurst, Purley,

Pangbourne, Caversham and the surrounding areas. Finding a place in a floral design for

cuttings that would otherwise have gone in the compost is gratifying and satisfying from a Green

Feather perspective.



How do I get involved?

If you live in or around Tilehurst and would like to find out if your garden off-cuts could be used

by Green Feather Flowers, or how to put them to use yourself, I would love to hear from you.

Just click the button below to email your name and contact details, and I will be in touch.

Collections of offcuts are available by appointment.

Alternatively, if you have shrubs, vines, trees, hedges or plants that overhang the road, give

permission to Green Feather Flowers to take cuttings, and if there is appropriate foliage I will

trim it as and when it can be used. Keep the pavements tidy and contribute to beautiful

sustainable creations.

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